folie à deux.
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[ˈfɒlɪ æ ˈdɜː]
n. a madness shared by two

Rant time.

I live in a house in the suburbs which I rent from my landlord, who lives in the basement. I didn’t mind this when I moved in because he works from 5pm until early morning sometime six days a week and we hardly ever see him.

Since we moved in, my fourty year old landlord has started banging one of his employees who is 19.

To each there own.

But now she’s here all the time when he’s not and we have no privacy, which would have been a deciding factor when we moved in. And on top of it, she has a two year old who is never here. Like where’s your kid? Just go home!

So sick of this world.

Moral of the story: can’t wait to move in one and a half months, my life is gonna be so much better.